Bring back all the videos on your site in China.

Foreign video hosting providers work great globally but not in China. 21YunBox Video Hosting delivers high-speed videos experience in China. Fully compliant with Chinese laws.

Our China-side Edge loads faster by default for all your videos.

Overseas video hosting providers like Youtube and Vimeo are blocked in China, and near-china, offshore CDNs are generally unstable and could risk breaking Chinese law.

21YunBox Edge is genuinely and only China by default. We host your videos near your visitors, and this will deliver the best speed and user experience for your visitors.

We originally planned to use Vimeo to host our client’s HD videos in China. But after sending a test link to a friend in China, we quickly learned that Vimeo wouldn’t work. Now we have the client’s large video files hosted and working in China without issues.

Adam Lee

Following the law doesn't need to be complicated

Laws and regulations in China confuse foreign developers and companies. 21YunBox has made this process hassle-free for our users.

The Chinese government has outlined five obligations that companies must follow when hosting their websites go live.

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