Netlify Official Website
Netlify Official Website

In this articles we discuss the challenges that businesses are facing with hosting their static sites in China and then explore what solutions such as Netlify are available within China.

What is Netlify?

From Netlify's Official Website?
From Netlify's Official Website?

Based in Silicon Valley, Netlify automates the build and deployment process. Their service allows your team to deploy scalable backends in minutes.

Problems with Using Netlify in China

Overview of hosting speeds in China after moving from Netlify to 21YunBox
Overview of hosting speeds in China after moving from Netlify to 21YunBox

Over the last 20 years, the Chinese GDP has grown an average of over 9% per year to $15.4 trillion in 2021!

As companies are racing in to join on this opportunity, development teams are finding that their site speeds from services such as Netlify are performing SUPER SLOW (see the example above). These slow speeds can be attributed to the Great Firewall and distance to foreign DNS.

Are slow speeds costing your business money and opportunity?

Free Speed Test within China

As you work to improve your site’s speeds in China, make sure its protected from being banned by the Chinese government. You can do this by having a proper ICP license in place for your business.

Netlify Alternatives in China

There are a few static website hosting options within China, such as AWS S3 China Region or Ali Cloud OSS.

Looking at AWS S3 China Region, it can host on Cloudfront, but this console will require your AWS account to be bound to a valid ICP license before the content can be served. In addition, the infamous slow customer service by these larger companies, they also do not offer the same level of “build and deploy” services such as Netlify.

Since you are exploring how to host your static websites in China, what is your best option?

21YunBox, the Netlify Solution in China

The Chinese Solution
The Chinese Solution

21YunBox offers the best alternative to Netlify in China for your automated build and deployment requirements.

21YunBox is based out of Beijing. Our solutions enable your team to be more effective in reaching the 1.3 billion people and growing opportunity within The Great Chinese Firewall by hosting your sites at blazing speeds without having to deal with servers.

Not fluent in Chinese? No worries, 21Yunbox’s support team is hand chosen to offer you a top-notch English support experience.

If you still need your ICP License and don’t want your site shut down, 21YunBox can help. They offer full support in getting your required ICP license to legally run your site in China.

How to get started with 21YunBox

21YunBox offers a 7-day Free Trial to see how it will work as your Netlify alternative in China.

Have questions? Let’s discuss your project with an expert. Contact Sales →

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