Hexo official website screenshot
Hexo official website screenshot

What is Hexo?

Hexo is a static site generator (SSG) based on Node.js.

21YunBox provides a very simple Hexo deployment method. You can quickly deploy static webpages with 21YunBox.

How to deploy Hexo in China?

  1. Register as a 21YunBox Member
  2. Fork Hexo Example
  3. Set-up with the following configuration
Environment Static Site.
Build command yarn && hexo deploy
Release Directory ./public

If the description of the above text is not clear, feel free to watch the following step by step video:

How to deploy Hexo to the server operation video

Why Choose 21YunBox?

21YunBox specializes in helping foreign businesses to host their websites in China. We deliver everything you and your team needs to build, run, and scale websites and apps in China.

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